Comedy Writing (selected)

The New Yorker (Daily Shouts, Shouts & Murmurs)
       Rejected Names for Melania’s “Be Best” Campaign
       Complete Transcript of Paul Ryan's Retirement Remarks
       Horror Movies Based on My Actual Fears
       Highlights of My Trip to White America
       Ivanka Trump's Holiday Decorations and Gifts Guide
       The Only Times When It's OK to Enter a Subway Car Before People Exit
       G.O.P. Get-Well-Soon Cards
       Pep Talks to Get You to Read the News
       Department Questionnaire: How Has Affirmative Action Hurt You?
       Trump's Advice for Girl Scouts
       • Rejected Slogans for the Democratic Party's New Agenda
       • Donald Trump, Jr., the F.A.Q. Section
       • Newly Discovered Very Illegal Thing Will Finally Bring Down Trump (Or Be Another Cute Tile in the Mosaic of Democracy's Demise, I Guess)
       • Upcoming Utopian Novels (Now That We Live in a Dystopia)
       • Steve Bannon's Cover Letter
       • Sherlock Holmes and the Massacre at Bowling Green
       • Times I Have Actually Used Math Since High School
       • Why I'm Not Voting

The Washington Post
       It's a Weird Year. There's a German Word for That.

McSweeney's Internet Tendency
       What I've Learned as the Daughter of a Father
       Help! I Just Clicked Gmail’s Automated Responses and Now I am On a Deserted Island in Fiji for Having Accrued Too Much Debt
       The Alt-Left's Radical Agenda
       Anthony Scaramucci Called Me, His GrubHub Delivery Guy, to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon - And I'm Still On the Phone With Him 
       We Refuse to Perform at Trump's Inauguration! Also, Why Haven't We Been Invited to Perform at Trump's Inauguration?
       • The Ultimate Pub Quiz Team
       • Obituaries for Teenage Girls if They Actually Died When They Say They're Dying
       • Easy Ways for Asian Americans to Fit In

Catapult (column)
       If Famous Authors Described My Attempts at Dating
       If Famous Authors Described My Daily Meals

       • Wow! This Woman Made Her Skin and Face Look Years Younger Simply by Being Asian
       • Asian Woman Kindly Corrects Bigot With the More Accurate Racial Slur
       • Man Costumes to Make You Seem Like One of the Guys
       • We Gave Men a Map of America and Only 7% Could Locate the Clitoris
       • 8 Child Actresses Who Grew Up to Be Your Stepmother

Glamour Mag
• I'm a Laurel, But I Wish I Were a Yanny

The Toast
 A Woman's Guide to Running for Political Office   

       • Ladies: 8 Signs You Found the Perfect Man
       • 8 Reasons to Feel Bad for White People

HuffPost Comedy
       • What Paul Ryan is Really Thinking in his MLK Day Photo
       • Ringo Writes a Song
       • Welcome to the 2017 School of Journalism
       • Ways to Accept a Compliment as a Normal, Well-Adjusted Human
       It's Me, Lindsay Lohan's Twin from The Parent Trap That No One Fucking Knows About
        Guns Are Our Shared Responsibility. So Is Taking Out the Trash, Mich--Michelle?
       Jamie, Please Hang Out With Me

Funny or Die
       • New All-Women Reboots that Prove Girl Power is Everything

Janice Mag
      • Mad Libs

Essays, Letters, etc (selected)

The Atlantic
 The Conversation: Bari Weiss vs. the 'Outrage Mobs'

       Then Again, They Were Turtles
      More Than Just a Haircut

The Huffington Post
       A Month of Microaggressions

NPR / KQED Bay Area Radio
       Despair and Hope
       History Matters