Comedy Writing (selected)

The New Yorker (Daily Shouts, Shouts & Murmurs)
       Horror Movies Based on My Actual Fears
       Highlights of My Trip to White America
       Ivanka Trump's Holiday Decorations and Gifts Guide
       The Only Times When It's OK to Enter a Subway Car Before People Exit
       G.O.P. Get-Well-Soon Cards
       Pep Talks to Get You to Read the News
       Department Questionnaire: How Has Affirmative Action Hurt You?
       Trump's Advice for Girl Scouts
       • Rejected Slogans for the Democratic Party's New Agenda
       • Donald Trump, Jr., the F.A.Q. Section
       • Newly Discovered Very Illegal Thing Will Finally Bring Down Trump (Or Be Another Cute Tile in the Mosaic of Democracy's Demise, I Guess)
       • Upcoming Utopian Novels (Now That We Live in a Dystopia)
       • Steve Bannon's Cover Letter
       • Sherlock Holmes and the Massacre at Bowling Green
       • Times I Have Actually Used Math Since High School
       • Why I'm Not Voting

McSweeney's Internet Tendency
       What I've Learned as the Daughter of a Father
       Help! I Just Clicked Gmail’s Automated Responses and Now I am On a Deserted Island in Fiji for Having Accrued Too Much Debt
       The Alt-Left's Radical Agenda
       Anthony Scaramucci Called Me, His GrubHub Delivery Guy, to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon - And I'm Still On the Phone With Him 
       We Refuse to Perform at Trump's Inauguration! Also, Why Haven't We Been Invited to Perform at Trump's Inauguration?
       • The Ultimate Pub Quiz Team
       • Obituaries for Teenage Girls if They Actually Died When They Say They're Dying
       • Easy Ways for Asian Americans to Fit In

 Man Costumes to Make You Seem Like One of the Guys
       • We Gave Men a Map of America and Only 7% Could Locate the Clitoris
       • 8 Child Actresses Who Grew Up to Be Your Stepmother

       If Famous Authors Described My Daily Meals

The Toast
 A Woman's Guide to Running for Political Office   

       • Ladies: 8 Signs You Found the Perfect Man
       • 8 Reasons to Feel Bad for White People

HuffPost Comedy
       • What Paul Ryan is Really Thinking in his MLK Day Photo
       • Ringo Writes a Song
       • Welcome to the 2017 School of Journalism
       • Ways to Accept a Compliment as a Normal, Well-Adjusted Human
       It's Me, Lindsay Lohan's Twin from The Parent Trap That No One Fucking Knows About
        Guns Are Our Shared Responsibility. So Is Taking Out the Trash, Mich--Michelle?
       Jamie, Please Hang Out With Me

Funny or Die
       • New All-Women Reboots that Prove Girl Power is Everything

Janice Mag
      • Mad Libs

Essays, Letters, etc (selected)

The Atlantic
 The Conversation: Bari Weiss vs. the 'Outrage Mobs'

       Then Again, They Were Turtles

The Huffington Post
       A Month of Microaggressions

NPR / KQED Bay Area Radio
 History Matters